Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summertime, and the Living is 1833

Lazy summer days sound so good in theory, but around my house, they're a lot like this:
"Where are we go-ing?"
"When are we leeev-ing?"
"What are we dooo-ing?"
We don't do a lot of lazy summer days.  That means that I have to figure out a lot of stuff to do to get up and out of the house.  We make a summer "to do" list and work our way through, and it ends up being a lot of fun.  

Thankfully, the kids do like to do a lot of different stuff.  One thing that they love is Old Sturbridge Village.  If you haven't been and you live pretty much anywhere in MA, it's worth a trip.  It's a "living museum," and they have a ton of activities.  

Watch out, American Gothic.


Big Balloon political sign thingy.

Chillaxin' on a straw bed

Pumping well water.

Old timey fun like stiltwalking...

and marbles (which is as painfully boring as you would imagine).

Jax played a few intense rounds of tug of war.  He's a scrappy little bugger.  
(I'm not sure if my first attempt to upload video is working - let's give it a shot.)

I believe we've come full circle here.

At the end of the day, one of us was exhausted and begging to go home.  That would be me, actually.  The kids would have stayed another hour.  

So that's one off the list.  Tomorrow will be the Boston Harbor Islands, with our first trip to Spectacle Island for a little swimming.  

But in between the two was a kids' sleepover with Grandma, and a whole 24 hours+ to ourselves.  It was amazing, and lots of good food was had.  The recipes are coming up.

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