Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to Work

So summer was awesome.  We swam at the lake, went to Storyland, played on playgrounds, had a family reunion in Maine, went to the Ecotarium,  had a different family reunion in New York, went to the beach, went on a Duck Tour, mini-golfed, ate enough ice cream to sink a ship, swam in several pools, did some art projects, saw friends, and managed to get in a trip to the dentist.  

And now we're back at work and school and adjusting.  

So I haven't been cooking-cooking as much as I would like.  Tomorrow I'm going out with a friend (horray!), but Pete and the kids are having night-before french toast.  I would tell you the recipe for that one, but then I'd have to kill you, and that would be sad.  

But starting again next week there will be some recipes up here, and a lot of them will be stuff that can be prepped the night before (or even a couple of days before) and then stuck in the oven for dinner.  It's a real lifesaver for the school year.

Good luck to you and yours as we gear up for fall.  

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